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Policies & Registration Information (For Summer Enrichment Programs only)

IMPORTANT: Registration Policies
Even though a portion of our enrichment classes have some academic basis, they are not structured to provide remediation of any academic area. Therefore, students with "F" grades will not be recommended for Enrichment Summer School as a means of remediation.

Online Enrichment Program registration begins on March 27, 2017 and they all close on May 31.  If you wish to register after May 31, please go to the Summer School of your choice on the first day of Summer school June 12, 2017 to see if any space is available in the classes you are interested.

Be sure of your summer plans before registering your child for any Summer Enrichment Program and be prepared to select alternate classes if one of your first selection is canceled. 


Foreign students: Before registering for a summer class, please email the summer school principal to get approval to register. Foreign students must pay full amount for the classes taken.


Program Donations

Summer programs are only available because of the generous donations of parents.  Donations cover the cost of the teachers, materials, and facilities during the summer. Classes that do not receive enough enrollment or donations to cover the cost of the class will be cancelled.

Credit Card Donations - SRVUSD accepts two major credit cards, Visa or MasterCard, on our secure online registration site.

Check Donations –Please make your donation payable to "SRVUSD Summer Programs".  Mail or deliver your donation to: SRVUSD, Ed Services Department, 699 Old Orchard Drive, Danville, CA 94526.


Class change or switching classes: Please call 925-552-5031 for a change in class or switching between classes and between school sites. The request can be accommodated if there is space in the other class of your choice.


Cancellation / Refund Policy: Should donations received be inadequate to defray the cost of operating these optional programs, cancellation may be necessary.  If a class is cancelled we will do our best to find an alternative summer school enrichment class for your student.


We always appreciate and recognize voluntary donations from our parents and community members.  Your generosity helps support our educational goals, programs and services for students.  Once received, donations cannot be refunded. So please check your registrations carefully before submission.


For additional questions, send an email to including the student’s name and class/program registered.


Wait Lists

As classes begin to fill, students may be placed on a 'wait list'. Those entering their email address will receive an email after registering online. The email is an acknowledgment of registration. You will receive an email when your child is placed in a class. Sometimes, students will be placed in a newly opened class and you will be notified later the same day by email. Other times, a waiting list will remain until a sufficient number of students are on a waiting list to make a new class. Those without email will be contacted by phone if a student's status is 'wait list'.


It is the parent's or guardian's responsibility to check the email and notify the Enrichment Program Office with a reply to the email, if they do not want their child to remain on a wait list or when your child is moved from a wait list and placed in a class.

For Academic Summer School (to make up a grade) High school and Middle school, please contact your School Counselor.

For more information on Enrichment (donation classes) 925-552-5031 Summer school Elementary - 925-552-5032, Middle - 925-552-2949. For Academic High School summer school - 925-552-3020.